Influential talents

The extent to which the person dares to react in a confrontational manner and sets verbal boundaries.


  • confrontational
  • assertive
  • guarding boundaries
  • easily agitated
  • explicit
Needs to clearly set and guard her boundaries. Has a strong sense of justice, likes to come up for a cause. Often responds assertively, fends strongly for himself and others. Dares to confront others and to engage in conflicts. Shows annoyance when irritated, may be intolerant and sometimes appear aggressive. Wears his heart on his sleeve and addresses tensions, frictions and other annoyances that others may be afraid to bring up – which often clears the air.
Possible Pitfall:

  • balanced between preventing strife and being confrontational
  • proportionate in response
  • reasonably tolerant
Is able to find a balance between confronting other people when needed and preventing strife; to be either confrontational or diplomatic. Knows when to be tolerant and when to show his teeth. Usually responds in a proportionate manner when in conflict; only gets agitated and upset when provoked. Can be forgiving.


  • very controlled
  • forgiving
  • less assertive
  • tolerant
  • not easily upset
  • de-escalating conflicts
Has strong self-control, will not easily get upset or respond angrily. Is tolerant and forgiving; rather avoids confrontations, may walk away from a conflict. Wants to keep the peace. Acts cautiously in order to maintain harmony; tries to de-escalate crises before they intensify. Often lacks assertiveness, is unclear setting boundaries and may be brushed aside easily.
Possible Pitfall:
The extent to which the person acts powerfully and dominantly.


  • leading
  • dominant
  • convincing
  • decides or influences decision-making
Is driven by powerful action and likes to lead and be influential within a team. May be dominantly convincing and directive; likes to make decisions for and set directions for others. Is usually very visible, strongly determines the overall atmosphere and may come across as authoritarian, thus provoking resistance..
Possible Pitfall:

  • balanced between influencing others subtly and dominantly
  • functionally directive
Finds a balance between influencing others subtly and doing so more dominantly; knows when to convince others of his will and when to comply. Moderately determines the overall atmosphere within and direction of his team, and will define terms and guidelines for others when necessary. May be directive without becoming authoritarian.


  • influences others subtly
  • arouses little resistance
  • indirect impact
  • compliant
Feels little need for others to follow her; may have difficulty convincing others dominantly of her ideas, interests or views. Will try to exert influence in a subtle manner, usually arousing little resistance from others and having a more indirect impact. Is careful not to brush other people aside and usually compliant. Will leave others to determine the overall atmosphere and direction in which to go.
Possible Pitfall:
Energy & action
The extent to which the person has the energy to perform tasks and to achieve goals.


  • enterprising
  • impatient
  • easily bored
  • full of initiative and enthusiasm
  • very energetic
Has a strong need for action, is very enterprising and full of energy to perform tasks and achieve goals. Likes to get a move on. Is productive and enthusiastic, usually feels up to anything and takes initiative, sometimes too quickly. Sometimes feels other people or circumstances are in his way. May be impatient, easily bored and restless. Strongly focuses on action, may risk making mistakes or being reckless.
Possible Pitfall:

  • moderately energetic
  • balanced between inner peace and need for action
Has a healthy need for action and sufficient enthusiasm; finds a balance between taking things on and stepping aside for a while. Takes initiative in time without pressuring others. Is usually patient enough to wait for others and for matters to come together. Is able to speed up and to slow down.


  • peace of mind
  • calm
  • sitting on the fence
  • patient
  • cautious
  • deliberate
Is driven by his own peace of mind. Is patient, calm and tends to sit on the fence; usually allows others to take initiative, is more of a follower. May feel that others are going too fast or wanting too much. Rarely acts immediately; tends to be cautious and risks making few mistakes. Will not easily get ahead of things and is well able to slow down and save his own energy.
Possible Pitfall:
Changes priorities
The extent to which the person persists and perseveres.


  • tenacious
  • likes to work on and get things done
  • to overcome obstacles
Is driven by perseverance; likes to work on intently, to stick to a task or project in order to get it done. Follows a certain direction even when facing severe adversity; will try to overcome any obstacles. Is unlikely to look for easy alternatives or to give up; may risk pursuing dead ends. Is intrinsically motivated to work hard and to finish a project successfully.
Possible Pitfall:

  • balanced between tenacity and ability to let go
  • knows when to continue and when to give up
Usually finds a balance between working hard and persisting on a job on the one hand and acknowledging defeat and letting go on the other. Is unlikely both to give up easily and to pursue a dead end; will look for alternative directions when facing adversity, depending on the situation. Has a healthy work attitude and usually finishes what he started.

Changes priorities

  • lets go easily
  • tends to change course easily
  • difficulty with final stretch
Prefers to work smart rather than hard. Has little difficulty letting go of things, particularly if they seem tiring or unsuccessful; risks abandoning projects prematurely unless externally motivated. Often finds it hard to finish something; tends to chose the path of least resistance, to look for alternatives when facing obstacles, to change course.
Possible Pitfall:
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