Developing Employees

The ability to review and analyze employees’ strengths and weaknesses, to distinguish their talents and development needs, and to make sure they are enhanced appropriately.

does not push him/herself in the foreground
welcomes others to their successes
distinguishes competencies and talents of others

enables employees to see their strengths and weaknesses and to explore their full potential
distinguishes employees' development needs in evaluation meetings and facilitates appropriate training opportunities
is able to link the quality of someone's work to his/her lack of, and need to enhance, certain skills and knowledge
uses coaching on the job in order to enhance employees' development
tests the effect of training and education
discusses employees' development needs in evaluation meetings and subsequently facilitates appropriate support, coaching and/or training opportunities

makes an inventory of employees' talents and qualities
surveys the knowledge and experience needed in the department or team for the years to come
distinguishes talents and lets them sign up for management development courses
lets employees draft their own personal development plans
offers employees the opportunity to gain more experience through job rotation and projects

finds ways to bring employees' development needs in line with the organization's strategy
understands what knowledge and qualities are needed in the future based on the assessment of trends and social developments
initiates management development courses
is aware of innovative ways of encouraging the development of employees in a favorable direction
uses benchmarking to compare the organization's levels of quality and knowledge to those of others

Developing employees can be easily developed if the candidate has a more than average score (7,8,9) on the drives Helpfulness and Social empathy.

Have you welcomed a new member in your team over the last few months? How did you help this person learn the job? What went well, according to you? What could have been better
How do you interact with employees who deliver excellent work? How does that show?
How much time do you spend on your employees’ development? In what way do you shape this development?
Have you ever set up an employee’s personal development plan? What did you do exactly? What were the results? Would you do it the same way next time?
Have you ever employed someone who lacked the right competencies? How did you find out? What did you do?

Ask a lot of questions and propose solutions rather than provide them.
Do not only pay attention to underperforming employees; focus especially on those whose performance is average.
Think of a way of improving your employees’ ineffective behavior and disappointing results.
Share your knowledge with others.
Write an outline of development needs regarding your current and possibly future position.

Ensure that your candidate provides feedback to his staff on their strengths and weaknesses.
Encourage your candidate to take careful notice on the way he provides feedback and coaching to others.
Ensure that your candidate coaches colleagues with less experience than he has.
Ensure that your candidate delegates tasks that are attractive for others and from which they can learn.
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