Innovative Power

The ability to direct one’s inquisitive mind toward initiating new strategies, products, services, and markets.

is informed about trends and developments relevant for his/her expertise and organization
translates trends into innovations
is aware of the client`s future needs and wishes
dares to go against the flow

is well informed about market developments and new forms of technology
talks a lot to fellow experts and asks about how competitors work
asks for the client's future wishes
is aware of services and products clients are dissatisfied with and finds out the reason of it
is busy innovating and setting up services that have not been provided before

participates in networks that are relevant to his/her organization and are renowned for their innovative thoughts
likes to avoid the beaten path and offers proposals that are not always clear-cut yet feasible
likes to discuss new possibilities or different implementations of existing techniques and methods with colleagues or fellow-experts
listens carefully to other people's ideas and is able to assess their innovative potential
is not hindered by competitive sentiments when someone else comes up with a good idea; joins in and values the idea instead

formulates ideas that are not yet shared by others
is able to let go of the existing concepts and products, and come up with the daring new ones
is able to infect others with enthusiasm concerning new ideas and to make them advocate those ideas as well
keeps demonstrating faith in his/her own ideas and innovative concepts and products
is able to handle resistance against his/her own ideas without giving them up

Innovative power can be easily developed if the candidate has a more than average score (7,8,9) on the drives Energy & action and Independent thinking & acting and Pragmatism.

Which innovative ideas have you come up with in your work over the last year?
How do you make sure your work stands out from others’? Could you give a recent example?
Have you ever developed new products or services? To what extent have they been marketed successfully?
What do you regard to be your most innovative product or service so far?
Do you find yourself a creative thinker? How does that show?

Organize brainstorming sessions in order to find original solutions.
Think outside the box.
Be open to other people’s ideas, try not to reject them straight away.
Make an inventory of trends that could have an impact on your organization in the next few years.
Try to look at daily events from a distance.

Consider a certain issue or a problem with your candidate by brainstorming. Do not put his suggestions up for discussion (yet). Review the pros and cons of each suggestion together.
Ensure your candidate talks to people who have insight in upcoming trends and influences, and discuss this experience.
Provide your candidate with a safe environment. Encourage him to experiment and play with new ideas and concepts. Set no boundaries.
Encourage your candidate to work with a colleague who is known to be innovative. This may inspire him to new, innovative ideas.
Engage in an associative or brainstorming session with the person over a certain topic or a problem that is bothering him. Use development and brainstorming suggestions, and possibly mindmapping techniques.
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